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Well, here it is, my first blog! I’m so excited to be starting Jennifer Kydd Interiors after all this time. And I’m super excited to be starting this blog. I hope to inspire and motivate myself and all of you to make the space you live in reflect everything that gives us joy. I truly think happiness is in the small stuff and that a lot of it can be found in the environment that surrounds us. I welcome you to join me on this journey in making our home, our space, something we can take great pride in.
In addition to my design work with clients, I want to create content where I can share the things I am passionate about, the things I think will help others, and the things that I’m currently working on. I hope others will comment and collaborate with ideas so it can become a gathering place for everyone to learn and grow. How cheesy is that?! Look forward to future blogs with video content as Thomas and I do projects around our home, Design tutorials, and more! Stay tuned.

xox, j

4 thoughts on “Welcome to JKI

    1. Hi Kathi,
      Thank you! I am hoping to start rolling out content in the next couple weeks so I will let you know.
      Chat soon:)
      Best, Jen

    1. Hey Jess!
      Thanks. I would love to visit you in Barrie at some point! I haven’t even been back to Ontario since I moved!!! Hopefully in 2018;)
      If you are ever interested though, I can help with whatever even out of province. I will be working on a project in Calgary in the New Year even while in NS:)
      Hope you and your boys have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
      xox, Jen

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